Poly Water Tanks

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1800 077 178

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Types :
Round & Slimline Tanks

Sizes :
500 to 25,000 ltr

Description :

Poly Water Tanks

Poly Water Tanks range is as rich and varied as its years of experience in the field. Its catalogue of tanks span from 501 litres to 25,000 litres, so there's an apt solution for the customers needs, whether they're residential or industrial. Offering the full range of round, slimline, eco slimline, rectangular and underground tanks, Poly Water Tanks is likely to stock what any customer is looking for.

Poly Water Tanks is a family-operated Australian business which is owned by Rotational Moulders Pty Ltd. The company specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality UV stabilised polyethylene watertanks. All tanks are manufactured with graduated thickness in the walls and utilising hoop strength for evenly distributed pressure top to bottom. All tanks include marine grade stainless steel screws, strainer mesh and full brass outlets & fittings. Offering a unique ‘Smooth Wall’ design with no vertical parting lines eliminates wall pressure points, that could otherwise compromise wall strength.

Poly Water Tanks, manufactures tanks that are not only functional, but also come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a range of different applications. From smaller slimline tanks to larger round tanks the company caters to a wide range of uses. What makes Poly Water Tanks interesting is the design of their Round water tanks, from 501 Litres to 25,000 Litres. The unique small footprint, means that space is conserved but high water storage capacity is still part of the design. Additionally, the UV stabilised virgin food grade polyethylene used in fabrication is high quality, odour free, taste free and highly resistant to breaks or cracks.

As a family-run business Poly Water Tanks pay attention to detail and works hard to ensure each customer gets what they need. The company is only too happy to assist in estimating a customer’s water consumption and then recommending a tank to suit their needs. Poly Water Tanks also takes pride in best quality workmanship as well as personal service and competitive pricing. These are their hallmarks, along with a design process that considers modern homes in an urban or rural environment.

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