Plastic Tanks Queensland

Phone : 07 3271 1305

Fax : 07 3271 1314

Address :

94 Antimony St, Carole Park, QLD 4300

Types :
Round & Slimline Tanks

Sizes :
3,000 to 22,500 ltr

Description :

Plastic Tanks Queensland

Plastic Tanks Queensland manufactures a range of high quality Polyethylene, rotomoulded rainwater tanks in a selection of colours to suit all surroundings. Using their expertise, built on years of manufacturing excellence, Plastic Tanks Queensland have developed a range of water tanks for both businesses and households. This enables the company to meet the particular needs of almost any user, and provide a water tank to suit very specific requirements, whether that's for washing a car or watering acres of farmland.

Plastic Tanks Queensland manufacture a variety of water tanks from slimline, designed to allow premises without much space to begin a successful and compact water storage solution, to larger 5,000-litre storage tanks, for when volume is a must. The round tanks, Plastic Tanks Queensland manufacture are rotomoulded as one piece, so there is no risk of leaking seams or faulty joints.

Each Plastic Tanks Queensland tank is crafted according to the latest industry standards and guidelines to ensure the customer is investing in a quality product. For example, Plastic Tanks Queensland tanks feature state-of-the-art UV technology to withstand Australia's fierce heat and provide years of performance. The Plastic Tanks Queensland' manufacturing plant also complies with the rigorous AS4766 quality standard to give customers the peace of mind of selecting a tank that has the national tick of approval.

What makes Plastic Tanks Queensland unique is that the water tanks all contain lugs, to make it easier during transportation and positioning. Importantly the Polyethylene used to make the tanks is food grade approved and is tough enough to stand the harsh Australian climate and structurally the domed top gives the tanks extra support.

Plastic Tanks Queensland also offers custom installation of brass outlets, positioned where customers require them. They are also given a choice in the placement of the 90mm overflow and drilled in for the customer.

Importantly Plastic Tanks Queensland manufacture tanks using only the highest quality materials to meet Australian Standard (AS) 4766 and the company is a member of the Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia (ARMA). By being based in Ipswich, only 19km from Brisbane, means the company is well located to distribute their rigorously made products around the Brisbane area and the state. .

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