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Address : Clifford Road Innisfail North, Qld 4860 Australia

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Types :
Round & Slimline Tanks

Sizes :
1000 to 47,300 ltr

Description :

Oz Poly

OzPoly, formally known as Fylost Roto-Plastics Pty Ltd is the longest established Rotational Moulder in Queensland. Commencing operations in 1983 in Innisfail, Fylost Roto-Plastics Pty Ltd specialised in the manufacture of fibreglass products for commercial and industrial applications. In 1989, Fylost acquired its first rotational moulding machine, one of three CNC machines owned by the company in Innisfail.

From its small business beginnings as Fylost Roto-Plastics Pty Ltd, OzPoly is now recognised as being one of the leaders in the Rotational Moulding Industry within Australia. OzPoly has developed a unique footprint in the custom moulding industry supplying local, domestic and international markets. OzPoly has the capabilities to manufacture the highest quality parts for a wide range of clients and industries. With a full time industrial designer on staff using the latest CAD software to design products and moulds and a complete engineering workshop with qualified tradespeople to manufacture the moulds, OzPoly really is a one-stop roto-moulding design and manufacturing facility.

OzPoly can provide high quality products with short lead times that are also competitively priced. The machines used by OzPoly are computer centralised numerical controlled [CNC] roto-moulders, which allow for even wall thickness, a high degree of efficiency, reducing manufacturing costs thus ensuring lower cost parts, moulding of various types of thermo plastic including engineering resins, high volume production and foam sandwich construction.

OzPoly rainwater tanks are built in Australia to suit the tough conditions and exceed Australian standards. The reason why Oz Poly has an exceptional reputation as a leading supplier of rainwater tanks in Australia is because it can offer tanks of 550-47,300 litre capacity. Other key features include self-supporting tank rooves, a UV cover under leaf strainer to block sunlight that causes algae growth on larger tanks,

Oz Poly view good design of their tanks as the most important part of what they do. So key design features include a maximum shot weight of plastic material to guarantee ample wall thickness and most importantly all tank walls are thicker at the bottom for maximum strength where the water pressure is the greatest. In addition to this tank moulds are designed and built to separate at the top ensuring the part line is positioned in the least stressed area.

Not only does Oz Poly ensure that all their Polyethylene material complies with Australian standard AS2010 (food grade) and AS4020 (drinking water) but they also ensure that all tanks are tested using in-house facilities that include ultrasonic thickness measurements and impact testing.

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