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Address : 23 Success Way, Henderson WA 6166

Types :
Slimline Water Tanks, Round Water Tanks

Sizes :
250 Litres – 25,000 Litres

Description :

Omni Manufacturing

Based in the coastal suburb of Henderson, Omni Manufacturing Group supplies the region with a range of polyethylene water tanks under the name Graf Plastics Australia. When buying a poly water tank in Perth and its surrounding regions, there are numerous things that need to be taken into account, such as the size of tank needed and the quality of the final product.

The region is famed for its drier climate, receiving around 700 millimetres of rainfall per year - much lower than the average 1,000 millimetres found in Sydney and Melbourne. Western Australia is also impacted by fierce solar rays, so a poly water tank will have to be made with Australian conditions in mind, or it simply won't stand up to the heat.

To meet both demands, Omni Manufacturing produces high-quality rainwater tanks in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

This starts with the slimline range - a good option for smaller properties or those that need a tank to slip into a tighter space. Omni Manufacturing's catalogue starts with products of a 1,100-litre capacity and ends with two 3,000-litre options.

Their range of round rainwater tanks starts a little smaller, with a 200-litre product providing enough stored water for smaller, less extensive tasks.

The size of these round tanks grows, reaching a sizeable 25,000-litre tank, which businesses and households can use if they require more water on a consistent basis.

Omni Manufacturing crafts underground tanks, too, for buyers who want their water-storage efforts to go completely unseen. These start at 1,500 litres and finish with a 5,000-litre underground water tank. Some variants can also be connected, making for a larger, more substantial water-storage plan.

With 50 years of plastic-manufacturing experience, Omni focuses on being a one-stop shop for a complete water-storage solution. The company also supplies water pumps for those who want to plumb their tank into their property and run appliances, along with various other accessories, such as strainers, brass inserts and water tank level indicators.

If you're looking for a rainwater tank in Perth, the team at Omni Manufacturing is on hand to help. Their ISO-certified products are built with a knowledge of the local environment in mind, helping buyers find a poly water tank that suits their needs, stands up to the Australian climate and saves money in the long term.

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