O.P.S. Country Tanks

O.P.S Country Tanks

Phone : 03 5940 2191

Fax : 03 5941 5643

Address : 65 Bald Hill Road, Pakenham VIC 3810

Types :
Round Water Tanks, Slimline Water Tanks

Sizes :
520 Litres – 27,900 Litres

Description :

O.P.S Country Tanks

Are you looking to buy a polyethylene water tank in Melbourne, O.P.S Country Tanks design and manufacture a range of options for rural, domestic or industrial purposes.

Located in Pakenham, around an hour east of Melbourne CBD, the company services most areas of Victoria to make sure businesses and households have a rainwater tank to suit their particular needs.

And there are fewer better places to do so than in the Garden State. Victoria has some of the most dependable rainfall averages in the whole of Australia, with a monthly low of around 47 millimetres and a high of 66 millimetres, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Melbourne may be drier than some other cities, but the regular amount of rainfall gives a water-tank buyer ample opportunity to use natural water instead of relying on the expensive utility system. Not only can a water tank then save a Victorian money, it allows them to secure a good amount of water for the drier times of the year when drought can strike.

To make sure the tank is right for the user, O.P.S Country Tanks makes a range of products in a variety of sizes, styles and colours.

These start at a 520-litres capacity, ideal for families wanting a modest amount to water plants or wash the car. The company's water tank range expands to products capable of holding 27,900 litres, with the water stored within perfect for those with a higher intended usage. Such amounts of water can be used to run household appliances or for a range of business or industrial purposes.

With water pumps and accessories also supplied, O.P.S Country Tanks has positioned itself as a one-stop place for those wanting to buy a rainwater tank in Victoria.

Importantly, the Australian-owned and -operated company knows what it takes to build a polyethylene water tank Down Under. With the pressures put on a water tank in the Australian climate - from harsh UV rays to thousands of tonnes of internal pressure inside the tank - a product needs to be designed to last.

To ensure quality standards are being met, all water tanks manufactured by O.P.S Country Tanks have a 15-year warranty, giving buyers the peace of mind that their new tank is built with a high level of quality in mind.

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