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Phone : 03 5940 4334

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Address : 20 Campbell St, Packenham VIC 3810

Types :
Round Water Tanks, Slimline Water Tanks, Underdeck Water Tanks

Sizes :
500 Litres – 24,000 Litres

Description :


Victoria boasts a climate unique and distinct from other parts of the country, so it makes sense to choose a local manufacturer if you're looking for a poly water tank in this beautiful state. That is why Melro Tanks is one of the most popular and recognised names in water storage in Victoria. Based in Pakenham, Victoria, Melro is a leading manufacturer of both domestic and industrial polyethylene water tanks. Offering rounded, slimline and underdeck water tanks ranging from 500 litres to 24,000 litres and in a range of colours, you're certain to find a top-quality solution to fit your needs in their product line. One of the greatest advantages of choosing a Melro tank is that you get a comprehensive, all-encompassing product that comes with all the necessary parts and accessories. For example, every Melro tank comes with an inlet strainer, a mozzie strainer and an overflow connection as standard. In addition, tanks up to 5,500 litres include a 25 mm ball valve and a range of plugged outlets for complete versatility. The larger tanks in Melro's range come with Australian-made brass outlets and gate valves. Melro's tanks also meet the latest quality standards to give you the peace of mind of purchasing a quality, robust product. Each of the company's above ground tanks are certified with AS/NZS 4766 for ultimate creep resistance, while below ground tanks meet the AS/NZS 1546 standard. To back up the company's belief in the exceptional performance of its products, Melro offers a 10 year replace or repair warranty for its water tanks. Not only is Melro a leading poly water tank supplier in Victoria, the business also plays an active part in the country's rotational moulding industry. An established member of the Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia (ARMA), it consistently supports and contributes to the local rotational moulding industry. In fact, Melro's director, Tim Leed, is the current president of the association Melro does not sell direct to the public, however are more than happy to refer you to a local reseller. When you're buying a poly water tank in Victoria, ask for a Melro product - and make sure it's built from Alkatuff polyethylene - to ensure you get a tank that's custom-built for Australian conditions.

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