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Global Rotomoulding

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Address : 774 Koorlong Ave, Irymple VIC 3498

Types :
Slimline Water Tanks, Squat Water Tanks

Sizes :
500 Litres – 45,000 Litres

Description :

Global Rotomoulding

Global Rotomoulding is a company based in Irymple, Mildura, with decades of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality polyethylene water tanks.

Established in 1998, the company's owners, Lester and Howard Ferry, have more than 32 years of knowledge under their belts when it comes to making tanks built for the tough Australian environment.

As their company's name suggests, one of the ways they do this is through the rotational moulding process, which uses polyethylene resin in a gently rotating cast to create a strong, seamless water tank.

Global Rotomoulding has also recently undergone a significant change to keep up with the latest technological innovations on the market. With cutting-edge production facilities in both Victoria and Helidon, Queensland, the company produces a huge variety of high-quality water tanks for customers on the eastern seaboard.

The Global Rotomoulding range starts with a 550-litre skinny camel tank, designed to fit easily into dense urban properties, whether that's a household or a business premises. This economically shaped design stretches up to 5,000-litre tanks, for users who want both space and significant amounts of stored water.

Then, the above-ground poly water tank range stretches from a modest 1,000 litres up to a hugely useful 45,000-litre product, for those who want large amounts of water constantly on hand for more extensive tasks - such as running household appliances or business machinery.

Global Rotomoulding also produce a 3,000- and 5,000-litre underground rainwater tank, if a property needs the added above-ground space.

As you'd expect, the tanks come in a range of colours to suit individual taste, as well as the existing property in which it will be installed. The manufacturers are also on hand with an arsenal of accessories to help users get a complete and effective water storage plan in place.

The quality of these rainwater tanks - as well as the various other industrial plastic products the company specialises in - is supported by an ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and a host of industry awards.

Global Rotomoulding has won ARMA's Best Technical Product accolade, as well as BEA's Manufacturing, Processing, and Construction Awards for 2005, 2006 and 2008.

Their membership in the Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia also positions them in a good place to stay on top of the developments in the rotomoulding world, and delivering high levels of water tank design quality for Victoria's homes and businesses.

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