FSP Australia

FSP Australia

Phone : 07 3807 7657

Fax : 07 3807 4470

Address : 20 Octal Street, Yatala QLD 4207

Types :
Round Water Tanks, Slimline Water Tank

Sizes :
1,500 Litres – 5,000 Litres

Description :

FSP Australia

Starting life more than 20 years ago, FSP is a wholly Australian-owned and operated company specialising in the manufacturing of high-quality plastic products.

These include trusted items such as lifeboats, traffic cones, and polyethylene water tanks.

When you want your purchased products to last, you go to the people who know how to best create and implement them based on your specific requirements. When it comes to buying a water tank in Queensland, this is certainly no different.

The Sunshine State may be known for its glorious weather, but it is also one that sees its fair share of the adverse type too. One only has to look at the number of storms that have hit the east-coast in recent years, causing millions of dollars in property damage.

While this cannot be avoided altogether, a home or business can protect itself by choosing quality. When it comes to buying a poly water tank, that means asking for Alkatuff - the polyethylene used by FSP.

These specialist manufacturers know what people want from a tank, so they have designed a range suitable for many household tasks.

This starts at a 1,500-litre round tank, ideal for providing a suitable amount of water for small chores, gardening or providing drinking water. If you need more water for bigger jobs, FSP has 3,000- and 5,000-litre tanks ready to go - perfect for running appliances, flushing toilets and other such uses.

These come in a range of colours, so it's easy to find a tank that fits both form and function. FSP also stocks both round and slimline tanks, to help you buy one that can fit away neatly into a corner of your property, or sit proudly as a feature in your garden.

Of course, these benefits are not just for families or property owners. A water storage scheme is perfect for reducing the operating cost of a business.

So, if you are looking for a water tank that will stand the test of time, as well as survive the rigours of the challenging Queensland environment, be sure to choose quality.

FSP has the expertise, knowledge and skill to provide you with your ideal poly water tank, offering a great return on investment, using Alkatuff - the polyethylene that's tough, rain or shine.

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