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DEX Australia

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Address : 11 Euston Street, Rydalmere NSW 2116

Types :
Circular Water Tanks

Sizes :
500 Litres – 31,500 Litres

Description :

DEX Australia

If you're looking for a polyethylene water tank in New South Wales, it will be difficult to look much further than those supplied by Dex Australia.

The company is founded on almost 50 years in the plastic fabrication industry. During this time, workers at the Rydalmere manufacturer have mastered the art of making poly water tanks that are suited to withstand the difficulties of the Australian climate.

This is often exemplified in the First State. NSW receives its fair share of rainfall, and having the ability to capture, store and use this in a hygienic fashion is a great resource for any business.

Of course, to make the most out of such a sustainable scheme, users will need to purchase the right tank for the job, and this is where Dex Australia steps in.

The company has a huge range of tanks, able to hold anything from 500 to 31,500 litres of water. Using their half-century of expertise, Dex can guide you to the perfect model for your specific needs.

For example, a business may need huge quantities of rainwater - to spray crops or to plumb into its premises and provide clean, useable tap water to customers and workers alike. A large round tank will likely be the way to go in this instance, while Dex will be able to provide you with the specific size, shape and colour for your individual needs.

And what better place to start a water storage scheme than in New South Wales? The state has around 150 rainy days on average throughout the year, meaning there is plenty of opportunity to keep your tank topped up.

Perhaps where Dex really shines is in its understanding and enthusiasm of the rotational moulding process. The method of production is used to form the strongest possible poly water tanks, allowing for one to be created evenly, without weak points, and with optimal strength.

Dex Australia is one of the founding members of ARMA (the Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia) and has similarly been a long-term member of ARM International.

With this extensive knowledge, the company has been called upon by both businesses and government departments to manufacture and provide custom-built designs for very specific tasks.

Between the sun, the rain, storms and even the odd natural threat such as an earthquake, Aussie businesses need a tank that is built to last. By asking for a polyethylene water tank made from Alkatuff, companies get the peace of mind that allows them to get on with business as usual, whatever the weather.

So, if you need a strong poly water tank and expert advice, contact Dex Australia for an exceptional level of service.

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