Chinchilla Tank Centre

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Chinchilla Tank Centre

Chinchilla Tanks established itself in 1989 as a manufacturer of high quality, innovative and reliable products. Situated on the Warrego Highway in Chinchilla, the company manufactures all products on site, with no outsourcing.

The Darling Downs-based company has a catalogue of versatile and tough Polyethylene round water tanks, designed for strength and function, ranging from a 8,300-litre capacity to a 19,700-litre variant. By choosing the right size, users can make sure they have enough water to supply their most demanding needs.

The Chinchilla Tank Centre concentrates on making high-specification polyethylene water tanks using evenly moulded resin and making the final product a strong, seamless whole. The company is committed to quality in its manufacturing process, so the final product meets or exceeds all the targets set for the polyethylene tank during production. Using one piece of polyethylene to produce the tanks ensures there are no weak points caused by welded joints. The design process also includes a built-in roof that requires no internal support and a final product that is tough, resistant to creep, impact, corrosion and UV stabilised polyethylene.

Chinchilla Tank Centre also uses higher shot weights to get more polymer into tanks. Following the completed process the company measures and tests each tank to ensure each tank has completed the process without any faults. In addition to this the company also undertakes further testing to confirm correct distribution of polymer and drop testing to ensure that the polymer has the required properties following processing .

With 25 years of expertise and specialistion in the rotational-moulding method for manufacturing polyethylene water tanks, the Chinchilla Tank Centre has the knowledge and experience to make tanks tough enough to stand up to the fierce Australian climate. The company can guide customers to the perfect model for their specific needs. The company also prides itself on its core values of honesty, efficiency and personalised service and proudly employs 20 staff, all of whom are local to the Chinchilla area.

Most importantly the Chinchilla Tank Centre can ensure that their water tanks are able to help businesses and families save more water, while reducing both wastage and money on that all-important utility bill.

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