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BR Plastics

Phone : 02 9771 6800

Fax : 02 9772 1892

Address : 35-37 Marigold Street, Revesby NSW 2212

Types :
Round Water Tanks, Slimline Water Tanks, Caravan Tanks, Farm Tanks, Storage Tanks

Sizes :
1,500 Litres – 5,000 Litres

Description :

BR Plastics

Formerly known as Barron & Rawson Pty Ltd, the specialist plastics company is founded on nearly 70 years of manufacturing history. It is this expertise that has led to them to make polyethylene tanks at the peak of quality specifically for the Australian market.

Such has been the success of the New South Wales-based experts, BR Plastics is also a name now known beyond Australia's shores.

Established in 1947 as a metal fabrication and tool-making company, the business had a change of direction in the 1960s, as the use of polyethylene in a range of household and business tasks became hard to ignore.

During this pivotal decade, BR Plastics became specialists in the new manufacturing method of rotational moulding - the process that makes the strongest poly water tanks.

This tried and tested method involves the slow rotation and distribution of heated plastic resin from inside a mould, with the constant movement perfect for ensuring an even and sag free water tank wall.

While the manufacturing process was a little slow in the past, by the 60s, BR Plastics became pioneers in using the method to make water tanks that are able to stand up to the tough Australian climate. Today, they use the same process to make poly water tanks at the height of specification.

Using this expertise, built on 50 years of manufacturing excellence, BR Plastics developed a range of water tanks for both businesses and households.

These range from slimline tanks - designed to allow premises without much space to begin a successful and compact water storage solution - to 5,000-litre storage tanks, for when volume is a must.

This enables BR Plastics to meet the particular needs of almost any user, and provide a water tank to suit very specific requirements - whether that's for washing a car or watering acres of farmland.

What's more, by being based in Revesby, NSW, the company is well located to distribute their lovingly made products around the Sydney area - and the state.

In one of the wettest territories in Australia - receiving close to 150 rainy days each year - that makes BR Plastics ideally positioned to get your new water tank to you fast, allowing you to enjoy years of secure water direct from your own tank.

If you'd like to start a water storage scheme in your home or business, there are few who can touch the quality and security of BR Plastics.

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