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Phone : 1800 461 214 or 08 8633 0446

Fax : 08 8633 0447

Address : 221 Warnertown Road, Port Pirie SA

Types :
Round Water Tanks & Slimline Water Tanks

Sizes :
545 Litres – 50,050 Litres

Description :

Boss Tanks

If you're looking to buy a rainwater tank in South Australia, you'll want to weigh up your options.

There are a range of manufacturers well-versed in designing, engineering and supplying water tanks that can stand up the the fierce Australian climate.

This emphasis on quality is necessary all over the country, though particularly so in South Australia.

The state is notorious for long, dry summers and even winters that reap relatively small amounts of rainfall.

A poly water tank not only has the ability to substantially lower a property's water bill and reduce water wastage, but there is the added security of knowing you have water reserves on-hand should they be needed.

For instance, a household can find it difficult to keep a healthy garden throughout the year, so the water stored in a tank can be used to keep plants looking fresh and gardens well fed.

For more extensive tasks, larger tanks can be installed to collect and store tens of thousands of litres of rainwater.

Every user is different, however - from their intended uses of the water, to how much they are able to collect.

This is where a supplier like Boss Tanks comes in.

Boss Tanks has been a retailer of high quality water tanks for many years, based out of their headquarters in Port Pirie.

This positions them centrally and able to serve a community that is forced to deal with water issues throughout the year.

The retailer stocks and supplies three main brands of poly water tank - Bushmans, Tank World and Team Poly - meaning their catalogue is filled with tanks of all shapes and sizes.

The company prides itself on listening to what their customers want. From such feedback, Boss Tanks has sourced products that provide exceptional, long-lasting quality.

Requests have also been to find products with minimal ribbing, while still maintaining that optimum strength.

Other suggestions have been to provide water tanks without internal support poles, for easier installation and extremely low amounts of maintenance.

Using their expertise and know-how the company aims to meet any water tank requirement.

They are also on-hand to supply a range of extras - including pipes, fittings, pumps and system design - creating what the team call "total water management".

Finally, Boss Tanks provide free delivery anywhere in South Australia.

From Adelaide to Marla, Yalata to Mount Gambier, the company are committed to serving everyone in the Festival State.

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