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Anstey Products

Phone : 1800 241 341

Fax : 1300 764 157

Address : Mount Gambier SA

Types :
Round Water Tanks

Sizes :
330 Litres – 23,500 L itres

Description :

Anstey Australia

A family-owned and operated business based out of Mount Gambier, South Australia, Anstey Australia has experience in making tough plastic products of all types.

Some of these include playground equipment, custom-moulding tasks and, of course, polyethylene rainwater tanks.

With more than two decades of experience, Anstey has positioned itself as experts in the engineering processes that make the toughest poly water tanks - the types needed in the Australian environment.

After all, Australia is one of the driest places on Earth, and South Australia experiences some of the lowest rainfall levels of anywhere in the country.

In Adelaide, for example, the annual average rainfall recorded by the Bureau of Meteorology is a mere 550 millimetres - around half of what residents on the east coast tend to see. Some locations in SA get as little as 300 millimetres, making it difficult for households and businesses during the frequent dry spells.

The solution many turn to is their own poly water tank, which is where manufacturers and suppliers like Anstey Australia step in, making tanks that can hold up under the fierce Aussie sun.

To ensure quality, Anstey uses a design and engineering process called rotational moulding, which uses polyethylene resin and a steadily spinning mould to ensure an even, unbroken tank wall is made. This means there are no weld joints - and therefore no weak spots to deteriorate over time.

The manufacturer also provides tanks in various sizes to suit individual household or business uses.

A 330-litre water tank can be used to store ample amounts of water for smaller tasks throughout the year - saving a substantial amount of money as the water bill is reduced. For those who need a constant supply, Anstey manufacture 23,500-litre rainwater tanks, designed to store larger amounts of usable water.

Anstey Australia's products also come in one of 20 colours, so it's easier to choose a rainwater tank that suits your property - whether that's blending into the background or standing out proudly as a feature.

The company has a two-part ethos of "service and quality". Not only will they build a water tank for your specific needs, they will ensure you are able to get the most out of it in the long term.

In South Australia, this can be a real boon for those wanting to both save money and improve their security around water storage.

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