Southeast Qld and eastern NSW must prepare for wild conditions

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The Bureau of Meteorology has announced wet and windy weather is approaching, and Southern Queensland and New South Wales will be the first to receive it.

King tide

There will be a king tide bringing huge swells and treacherous surfing conditions to coastal towns. There is a high likelihood of beach erosion. Rainfall is expected to be within the range of 20 to 80mm for inland areas in both Southern Queensland and New South Wales.

There is also a chance of thunderstorms. In a media release from the BOM, Acting Queensland Regional Director Bruce Gunn said that rainfall is likely to increase in coastal regions.

"With events like this, localised falls in excess of 250mm are possible, particularly in coastal areas and at elevation including the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and ranges extending south into NSW," said Mr. Gunn.

East coast low

Acting New South Wales Regional Director, Jane Golding, explained that when the weather systems shifts southwards it will probably develop into an east coast low.

"The system will likely impact the entire NSW coast and adjacent ranges over the weekend, with widespread heavy rain and high winds that have the potential to cause riverine and flash flooding, bring trees down and cause property damage," said Ms Golding.

As well as the severe weather warnings, a flood watch was issued for Queensland and New South Wales rivers. This is set to be updated throughout the year.

A good time for collection

With the weather for Queensland and New South Wales likely to bring extra rainfall, those with water tanks will be glad to have them replenished. If you live in an area that is set to experience intermittent dry spells and then periods of rainfall, a water tank could be a good option. For more information on how Alkatuff can help you find your nearest poly tank supplier, get in touch today.

By David Francis

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