Pacific Ocean returns to neutral reports BOM

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The Bureau of Meteorology has announced in a press release that El Nino has retired for the year. Based on the indicators such as cloudiness near the Date Line and trade winds, as well as the Southern Oscillation Index – all have also returned to neutral levels.

El Nino-Southern Oscillation

The El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) has finally returned to a neutral state. This is measured by sea surface temperatures that span the tropical Pacific. Since, over the past fortnight, these waters have cooled to neutral levels, it can be determined that the neutral state has been reached. Temperatures in the waters beneath the surface are cooler-than-average.

What does ENSO-neutral mean?

According to the National Weather Service Climate Protection Centre, ENSO-neutral refers to periods of time when it is neither El Nino or La Nina – essentially the in-between or transition period.

The ocean temperatures during ENSO-neutral periods follow tropical rainfall patterns. Also, during ENSO-neutral periods, the atmospheric winds over the equatorial Pacific Ocean are usually around the normal long-term average.

Many rejoice at the end of El Nino

Although many across Australia are relieved the latest El Nino cycle is over, the end of this weather cycle brings a new beginning to another. There is the potential for a cold and wet Australian winter, but this should bring some relief to farmers throughout after months of famine and drought.

Water storage

The end to this drought will be good news the regions across the Pacific that were affected by drought. Right now is the perfect time to purchase a water tank as it is essentially in the calm before the storm. Alkatuff water tanks are designed to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions, from extreme heat to downpours. To find out more about where to purchase an Alkatuff water tank, get in touch today.

By Gerald Beckton

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