A New Week Brings Warmer but Rainier Weather

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After a cold snap last week, New Zealand residents can expect a break from low temperatures and snow. We’ll be able to start off the week with clear skies and calm weather. In place of snow, however, we can expect some rain later in the week. So make sure to enjoy the fine weather while it lasts!

A break from the cold

Last week, a southerly storm brought lower than normal temperatures and snow across much of New Zealand. Luckily, a ridge of high pressure has stabilized temperatures, providing a respite from the cold, wind, and snow. This pleasant weather should last into the beginning of this week. Daytime temperatures are expected to be in the teens, with clear skies and a slightly chilly wind.

Rain starting Tuesday

Despite the currently beautiful weather, we can expect New Zealand to get increasingly rainy as the week goes on. Beginning Monday, a wet front will move in over the South Island, bringing rain to island’s western and southern areas. The North Island can expect some rain too, particularly the western part of the island beginning Tuesday. At the end of the week, a new northern front will come in, bringing rain to most parts of New Zealand beginning Friday and likely continuing over the weekend.

A chance to collect rainwater

We may be sad to say goodbye to the clear weather, but at the very least, rain is good for plants and good for water tanks. As this week’s rainy weather will demonstrate, spring is the perfect time to collect water. Collected rainwater is perfect to use for watering the lawn, washing, and other household uses, keeping your monthly bills down. It’s smart to collect water over spring before hot weather and potential dry spells hit over the summer. If you don’t already have a water tank, you may want to consider purchasing one now.

Choosing the best water tank

When choosing a water tank, make sure you pick one made from durable material that can withstand New Zealand’s intense weather. Alkatuff is a kind of plastic, produced in Australia, that’s specifically designed to stand up to the region’s weather. You can consult the Alkatuff website to find a water tank manufacturer close to you. Local, New Zealand water tank manufacturers include Promax Plastics, Bailey Tanks, and RX Plastics. A high-quality water tank from these or another manufacturer can help you take advantage of all the upcoming rainy weather this spring and be fully prepared for summer.

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