A Mostly Calm Weekend Ahead of Some Wet Weather

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This week, New Zealand has enjoyed some calm weather as a break from the rain, snow, and low temperatures of much of the winter. The nice weather looks like it will continue through the weekend. We should all take advantage of it while it lasts, however, because things are likely to take a turn for the wet and unsettled again as a new week begins.

Generally Calm Weather

The high pressure that we’ve been enjoying all week seems poised to continue through the weekend. On most of the North and South Islands, residents can expect to see clear skies and calm conditions. The Bay of Plenty, in particular, will be sunny and calm all weekend. The weather should make Saturday and Sunday a nice time to get outside.

 Some Spots of Rain and Clouds

There are, however, a few spots that will see rain and clouds. The South Island’s west coast, Hawke’s Bay, eastern North Auckland, eastern Northland, and Gisborne are all likely to see clouds and light showers. In addition, the west coast of the South Island and the east coast of the North Island will probably see some light rainfall towards the end of the weekend. However, the conditions overall will be relatively temperate and a good reminder that spring is just around the corner.

 Wet Weather Next Week

Beginning Monday, New Zealand will see more widespread wet weather. A front is moving in from the west, bringing rain across the North Island. Temperatures will stay warm, but the weather will transition from calm to rainy and unsettled. We can expect the weather to stay largely rainy and variable through the last two weeks of winter, so take some time to enjoy the blue skies this weekend.

 Plan on Collecting Water

The warm, wet weather presents a good opportunity for collecting rainwater ahead of the warmer weather of spring and summer. Those with water tanks will be happy to replenish their supplies. If you do not have a water tank, you may want to consider investing in one as a way to conserve water use, be prepared for dry spells, and cut down on utility bills. The Alkatuff website is a great place to start looking for a durable water tank, made to stand up to New Zealand’s tough weather conditions, from a supplier near you. If you are considering purchasing a tank, you should ideally buy and install it before spring settles in, so you have plenty of time to collect water ahead of summer. That way, you’ll be able to take advantage of rainy weather just like what’s coming up this week.

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