Highlights from the Climate Outlook for November to January

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The Australian Bureau of Meteorology just released their climate outlook for November 2016 to January 2017. The outlook includes weather trends around Australia for the next 3 months, including predictions about the Indian Ocean Dipole. So what will the rest of 2016’s weather be like? We go through the highlights below:

November split between north and south

This November, the weather is predicted to be split regionally. In northwest Australia, residents can expect higher than average rainfall. In southern Australia, on the other hand, the weather should be drier than usual. If you live in the south and have a water tank, make sure it’s out and collecting now so you have some saved water when drier weather arrives. In northwest Australia, on the other hand, residents can expect higher than average rainfall.

A wet few months for Western Australia

The Bureau predicts above average rainfall for the majority of Western Australia, excluding the southwest, for the entire period from November to January. If you live in the west, this season will be a good time to collect rainfall. If you don’t already have a water tank, you may want to consider getting one by the beginning of November.

Warm temperatures in the east and west

From November to January, both daytime and night-time temperatures are expected to be warmer than average in eastern Australia and Western Australia along the coast. In central Australia, including parts of Western Australia, daytime temperatures will likely be a little cooler than average. You can see maps of expected maximum and minimum temperatures on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website.

Weakening IOD

The Bureau predicts that the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) will remain in a negative condition, but is predicted to weaken over the coming 3 months. Ultimately, the IOD is expected to return to neutral by the end of this spring. While it is still possible that La Niña will occur, it seems that Australia will face low levels at most.

For more details, you can view the Bureau of Meteorology’s complete climate outlooks here. If you are thinking of buying a water tank, you can find a high-quality manufacturer in Australia using Alkatuff’s “Find a Water Tank” tool.

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