Heavy rainfall in store for areas across Australia

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Australia's Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is tasked with providing the country with the latest and most accurate weather forecasts, to help both industry and residents prepare for the months ahead. Just recently, the bureau released its predictions for the months from March through to May 2015 – with some wet weather lined up around the country.

According to the forecasts, Western Australian and central Australia are the regions set to enjoy the most rainfall during this period. These areas will experience "wetter than normal" weather over these months, the bureau predicted.

It's not just these locations set to receive a high level of rainfall, however. The BOM expects that for March at least, the Top End of the Northern Territory and parts of the Queensland-NSW border have an "increased chance of above average rainfall".

For the rest of the country, there is a nearly equal chance of the weather being wetter or drier than usual from March to May.

As one of the most precious resources in any country and for any individual or business, it's essential that residents and the industry make the most of rainfall. The March to May forecast from the BOM certainly bodes well for the immediate future, with lots of rain in store around significant parts of the country.

However, does your home or organisation have the measures in place to take the most advantage of this rainfall?

Installing a polyethylene water tank on your premises is a great option to take, allowing you to harvest rainfall during plentiful periods and draw from it during the drier times. 

There is bound to be a great poly water tank supplier near where you live, whichever state you are in. For example, those in Western Australia can prepare for the wetter periods ahead by calling on Rapid Plastics, a proudly WA owned and operated business.

By David Francis

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