Harvesting rainwater with quality water tanks

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As many parts of the world – Australia included – continue to grapple with the challenges of a water crisis, everyone needs to do their bit with regards to conservation. Our country's climate tends to be one of extremes, with sustained dry periods stretching out for often months at a time, and periodic heavy rainfalls and tropical storms.

As such, harvesting those heavy rain falls can be the most effective way of ensuring a water supply when the dry spells hit. Making sure you have a suitable rainwater capturing solution is critical, which is where polyethylene water tanks come into the picture.

Simplicity is key

According to Conserve Energy Future, one of the most obvious benefits of harvesting rainwater in large tanks is the simplicity. Rather than spending possibly many thousands of dollars on complicated purification or pumping systems, water tanks are essentially ready for use as soon as they are installed. 

Whether for irrigation, hygiene or drinking, water collected in polyethylene tanks can reduce your dependency on the nation's supply and add to the overall conservation effort. With that said, making sure you have the right equipment is also important. 

Built to last

In its Water Tight 2.0: The Top Trends in the Global Water Sector report, Deloitte note that, while a difficult climate is responsible for much of the water crisis, storage infrastructure is not without its problems. It notes that in England and Wales, almost a quarter of water stock was lost due to leakage in 2013/14, due to ageing pipes across the network.

Having a quality water tank solution means installing tanks built for the climate in which you live, with the right level of UV protection and environmental resistance. Make sure your storage is built to withstand Australia's sometimes punishing climate, and speak to experts about the right tanks for your property. 

By David Francis

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