Getting ready for April with a poly water tank

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You may be asking yourself: "When is the best time to invest in a poly water tank?"

The truth is, Australia's wild weather and changeable climate make any month a good time to begin your water storage scheme. However, if you're looking into buying one in the short term, now could be a great time of the year, with April historically heavy in terms of rainfall.

Last year, the rain fell a huge 40 per cent above the historical average across the country, according to statistics by the Bureau of Meteorology. In certain states, it poured in much great quantities, filling up the water tanks of many households and businesses.

For example, 2014 rainfall in South Australia was a massive 257 per cent above the monthly average for April. In fact, the state saw the second wettest day in recorded history.

Meanwhile, Northern Territory was 72 per cent over the state average for April, Western Australia was 60 per cent and Victoria 58 per cent above the norm.

Although Queenslanders saw less rainfall than they typically do during April, the wettest day in the whole country was in the sometimes ironically named Sunshine State, with 376.0 millimetres falling at Nash's Crossing. To put this into perspective, Australia's average rainfall as a country is only 600 millimetres.

Businesses and homeowners alike will have been looking out of their windows with a smile as their tanks began topping up, providing many with enough water to last long into the rest of the year.

With April typically seeing good levels of rainfall, anyone thinking about purchasing a water tank this year may consider April a prime opportunity.

A tank made from Alkatuff will help you reach your water storage goals. Alkatuff is able to cope with the harsh Australian conditions, allowing owners to make the most of every drop.

So if you are based in South Australia, for example, Boss Tanks will be able to supply you with your ideal model made from the toughest material around.

By Gerald Beckton

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