What is Alkatuff?


Alkatuff is an Australian made polyethylene that is specifically engineered for the production of plastic rainwater tanks for Australian conditions. Alkatuff is made with a hexene (C6) co-monomer, giving superior impact strength, stress crack resistance and long term toughness than tanks made with a standard butene (C4) resin.

Alkatuff has more than twice the UV protection specified in the Australian Standard for polyethylene tanks. The Australian Standard for water tanks requires that the material has a UV8 rating while Alkatuff has a rating greater than UV20.

Alkatuff has high thermal stability making it less prone to oxidation, discolouration and loss of toughness making it ideal for use in rotationally moulded tanks produced for the demands of the harsh Australian environment.

Make sure your next tank is made from Alkatuff so you can be sure it’s Tough in the Sun.

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