Expect Snow in Southern New Zealand, Rain in Northern This Weekend

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MetService issued a warning on Thursday that a low pressure system will be bringing snow to southern New Zealand and rain to northern New Zealand this weekend, with lower temperatures for everyone. As always with wintry weather, it should be a top priority to drive carefully and stay safe.

Snow and Risk of Ice in Southern New Zealand

New Zealand’s South Island has already been experiencing a lot of snow this week, and that’s expected to continue into the weekend. Low temperatures coming in from the southeast will keep the weather chilly and continue bringing some flurries. Canterbury, Dunedin, and Otago, in particular, should expect snow. Other areas throughout the south should expect low temperatures. MetService warns that temperatures might reach -6°C in Ashburton and -11°C in Alexandra. In addition to bundling up, you should be wary of slippery conditions. These low temperatures will freeze any liquid on the road, resulting in dangerous black ice. If you are driving at night, be very careful and look out for shiny patches of black ice.

Heavy Rainfall in Northern New Zealand

The North Island may not see snow, but it will experience lower temperatures and rainfall coming in from the same southerly wind. Residents of Wellington can expect temperatures around 5°C, and people around Auckland shouldn’t expect the temperature to exceed 12°C. Wind chill is likely to make the weekend feel even colder. There will also be heavy rainfall, particularly around the east coast. MetService has issued a Severe Weather Watch for Gisborne and Hawkes Bay. They advise people in the area to stay updated on the forecast and look out for new warnings about severe weather.

Taking Advantage of Rainfall and Snowfall

You may be wishing for the warmer days of summer, but at least you can take advantage of cold and wet weather by saving up water for future dry spells. If you have a water tank, you’ll be able to collect plenty of water from the rain and snow. If you don’t have a tank, you might want to consider getting one ahead of the wet weather this weekend. Water tanks made from Alkatuff polyethylene are made to withstand all of New Zealand’s extreme weather, and tanks made by top manufacturers such as RX Plastics and Bailey Tanks have a well-deserved reputation of durability. Particularly if you live in an area that alternates between wet and dry periods, a water tank is a great investment. Alkatuff would be happy to help you find the closest water tank supplier to you. Whether you already have a water tank or are about to get one, you’re guaranteed to have a silver lining to all of the cold and wet weather this weekend.

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