El Nino places Tasmania in a long, dry patch

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The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has stated that Tasmania is set for a long, dry patch of weather. This dry patch is bad news for the state which has already suffered from significant water shortage issues.

The Hydro Tasmania website states that river flows in that state, as well as lake levels, can subject to rapid change. The change in levels is common because of rainfall and inflows everywhere in the state, as well as the operational conditions of the hydropower stations throughout Tasmania.

Hydro Tasmania also says that it is unable to confirm or provide predictions about river flows or lake levels, providing some indication of the water supply uncertainty in the state.

Water shortages for Tasmania

According to modelling made by Hydro Tasmania and the Tasmania Government in association with the Climate Futures for Tasmania project the state's water shortages will decline over the next 100 years. The water shortage is set tofocus especially on the central plateau, potentially having a very significant impact on the area's power generation.

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By David Francis

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