Does a polyethylene water tank help the environment?

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In the grand scheme of reducing water wastage, a polyethylene water tank can play a big role. On top of efforts to capture, treat and reuse our waste water, the rainwater that falls on your property can be put to use and lower the impact on the wider water system.

We see this along the Murray River, especially in the degradation that has taken place with local flora. The iconic river red gum forests that line the waterway are a distinction that sets apart the New South Wales/Victoria border area from anywhere else in the world. They also provide an important habitat for native wildlife.

However, the plant life has been under constant threat from both environmental conditions and inappropriate water usage for some time.

"Drought and over-allocation of water has changed the natural flood regimes that nourished its plants and animals," Friends of the Earth Australia's Will Mooney recently explained. "Climate change has added further urgency to the problem."

Clean Up Australia's Chief Executive Terrie-Ann Johnson also recently weighed in on the matter. When asked if PricewaterhouseCoopers' recent assertion that water is now the country's No 1. concern, she said: "Absolutely".

"Less than 1 per cent of the world's water is drinkable. The UN predicts water wars within our lifetime. In Australia, it's already apparent that wide stretches of our land are under threat due to a lack of water.

"Recent media on the threat to river red gums is telling"

Clean Up Australia has been a long-time advocate of being more environmentally conscious with how we use our water resources. On top of the cost-saving benefits of installing a polyethylene water tank, it can play a significant part in a family's or business's efforts to combat climate change.

Speak to an expert water tank manufacturer in your region, like Enviro Water Tanks in NSW, for assistance in finding and installing your new tank.

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