Do I need a pump for my plastic water tank?

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Buying a polyethylene water tank is the first step to better water management – whether it's for a household, farm or business.

For those who want to derive the maximum value from their investment, there is a range of fantastic accessories and add-ons with which you can complement your tank. One of these is a rainwater tank pump.

Depending on the specific configurations of your tank – for example, where it is located, how elevated it is from the ground and where it's connected – getting a pump may be a sensible idea. The basic function of a pump is to ensure the supply of water from your tank is at the same pressure as mains water.

Getting the water pressure right is crucial for a number of applications, such as the laundry and toilet and also for irrigation systems. A good pump will also enable you to automatically switch between tank and mains water supply, depending on the level of water in the tank.

Attaching a pump to your plastic water tank will therefore ensure your supply is always at the right pressure, you're drawing water from the optimal source (tank or mains) and you're making the most efficient use of your water. And with a simple pump cover to protect it from the elements, you can enjoy prolonged and uninterrupted use from your pump and ensure it fits in well with your tank and its surroundings.

Speak to a poly water tank supplier about your needs and whether you require a pump. There are some quality providers located around Australia, such as Polymaster, which has operations in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

By Gerald Beckton

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