Cold Weather Continues throughout New Zealand

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After a weekend of cold and snowy weather, MetService has issued a warning that New Zealand’s cold weather streak is poised to continue through the first half of this week.

Low temperatures expected on both the South and North Islands

Following snow and cold weather over the weekend, a ridge of high pressure is building over New Zealand’s South Island. This will keep temperatures cold across the entire country during the first half of this week. In fact, Monday morning saw some of the coldest temperatures all year. Mount Cook Airport recorded the lowest temperature of -14.1°C, and a number of other stations reported temperatures below 5°C. Unfortunately for those who prefer warmer weather, these temperatures are expected to continue through Tuesday and Wednesday.

Snow and Showers

Snow will likely continue over the next couple of days in parts of the South and North Islands, with severe frosts likely as well. In the northern and eastern North Island, however, residents should expect rain. Particularly farther north, you’re likely to see heavy rain and possibly thunderstorms.

Caution for Driving

Drivers should continue to exercise caution, particularly when driving after dark and in the early morning. Patches of black ice are likely in the evening, and low temperatures mean that frost will last a decent way into the morning. Both of these make for slippery driving conditions, so it’s a good idea to leave yourself extra time to drive slowly. Make sure that you also keep a wary eye out for slippery patches or accidents on the road.

A Good Time for Skiing and Water Collection

While the cold and wet weather may be a downer for many, it does have some benefits. Skiers will have perfect conditions, with fresh powder and great temperatures for manufacturing artificial snow. The skies should also be relatively clear, with little wind on the slopes, so Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will have just about perfect conditions for skiing. This week’s weather is also good for people with water tanks looking to collect water ahead of later dry spells. Tanks made from alkatuff polyethylene are tough enough to withstand any severe weather, so they’ll hold onto water for whenever you need it. If you don’t yet have a water tank, check the Alkatuff web site to find a supplier near you. That way, even if you’re shivering through some cold and wet weather, you know you’re at least collecting water to improve your water supply and cut down on energy bills in the future. At least that means you can feel less guilty about turning up the heat this week.

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