Calm Weather this Week in New Zealand

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Finally, after a couple of weeks of cold, wet, and snowy weather across New Zealand, we can expect a break. For most of this week, residents across both the North and South Islands will be able to enjoy some calmer weather and warmer temperatures.

A Break from Snow and Rain

The past couple of weeks have been full of snow and rain across New Zealand. A final cold front is passing across the South Island on Monday, and it can be expected to dissipate by Tuesday. For the rest of the week, a ridge of high pressure will bring calm weather and a break from all the precipitation.

Warmer Temperatures at Last

Two weeks away from the official start of spring, New Zealand is starting to get a preview of warmer weather. While many cities have faced temperatures below zero over the past weeks, they can expect the temperature to stay in the positives this week. During the day, highs will likely be in the mid-teens. Warmer days and nights should reduce the likelihood of frost and keep the roads safer, although it’s still advisable to keep an eye on the most up-to-date weather reports before driving at night.

Taking Advantage of the Warmer Weather

Although spring may not be officially here yet, it’s going to feel a lot closer to spring this week. The calm weather will make the next few days a great time to get outside, whether that’s just catching up on yard work or going out for a hike, ski, or surfing session. For surfers, a long period swell is moving up the west coast at the beginning of this week, making for great conditions.

Using Water Reserves

The lack of rain or snow this week means that it may be a good time to use some of your water reserves if you have a water tank. Your garden will likely be getting thirsty, so your stored rainwater will be ideal to water it. You may also want to use some water reserves for household uses such as laundry and toilet flushing. This is a great opportunity to conserve water and cut down on your water bill. If you don’t yet have a water tank, you may want to consider getting one before the next wet spell hits. That way, you’ll be prepared for warmer and dryer weather as spring and summer arrive. If you’re looking for a tank that can withstand New Zealand’s tough weather conditions, check out the Alkatuff website to find a high-quality water tank manufacturer close to you.

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