Buying a poly water tank in Whitehorse?

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We are long-time advocators of using your local poly water tank supplier to begin your water-conservation efforts. Not only do they often offer quick and free delivery within a certain distance, but they have particular knowledge that you can leverage as a buyer.

The City of Whitehorse is a great example. The council has proved to be very supportive of water-storage methods in the east-Melbourne city, and offers advice for those looking to add a water tank to their properties.

The Whitehorse City Council also offers a 7 per cent rebate on the cost of a rainwater tank, providing certain conditions are met. The council encourages interested parties to contact them should they require more information.

The Melbourne area is also an ideal place for a polyethylene water tank. The rather steady rainfall patterns constantly fill up the tank, meaning households and businesses can find substantial amounts of water to see them through the year.

Statistics from the Bureau of Meteorology show that October is the wettest month in terms of mean rainfall. An average 66 millimetres falls during the month, and November isn't too far behind, being the second wettest with 60.3 millimetres, while December sees 59 millimetres.

By using this free source of water, utility bills can begin to tumble, as the stored water is used in the garden and throughout the property.

There's also an emphasis on quality when buying a water tank in Melbourne. We're now seeing more daylight hours and stronger sunshine, with Australia's powerful solar radiation having a greater level of deterioration on outdoor products.

October has a mean temperature of 19.7°C, and it's no secret that this will only get more intense. November's average temperature is 22°C, while December will bring days of around 24.2°C. A tank made from Alkatuff polyethylene is tested to local conditions, so be sure to ask your local poly water tank supplier for the best.

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