Building a new home? What you need to know about water tanks

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The Australian housing industry has been in a great situation for some time. Many people are using a historically low cash rate – and therefore an attractive interest rate scenario – to invest in building their own homes.

At the same time, construction firms are throwing their resources into populating Australia with residential units.

The Housing Industry Association found that almost 196,000 houses began their construction in the 2014/15 period – the highest figure in more than a decade. The 2015/16 timeframe is similarly favourable, with 184,720 houses forecast over the period.

The building stage is a great time to start a water storage scheme. The blank canvas allows architects, planners or even the homeowners themselves to work their tank's location into the overall design.

For construction companies, including a water tank into the building stage is also an attractive addition to boost the value of the property. Home buyers want security over their availability of water – particularly in Australia, where it can be sparse.

A water tank can be used for a wide range of applications, including plumbing it into the mains and using the collected water from the kitchen to the bathroom.

The tank can also be installed above- or under-ground for added flexibility to the wider construction plans.

Any new build will have to include a tank that fits with the overall quality of the house. A luxury home will not want a unit made from flimsy material, while one that supplies a large quantity of water to low-cost homes will need to stay reliable even in the tough Aussie climate.

Alkatuff is the leading material from which to construct a polyethylene water tank. A container made from Alkatuff will add value to any property and ensure residents have a steady and safe supply of water, wherever they are located.

If you are looking to buy a poly water tank in Western Australia, for instance, Alliance Moulding has a range of products made from Alkatuff for that authentic Aussie water storage solution.

By David Francis

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