BOM reports on drop in water utilities usage

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The latest annual National Performance Report for 2014-15 by the Bureau of Meteorology has been released, which measures urban water utilities details such as water resources, assets, finance, health, pricing, environment and customer numbers. The report shows a dip in water supplied to households in Australia, as taken from information collected from 80 water utilities and councils as well as seven bulk water suppliers.

The report compares Australia's urban water utilities for their pricing structure and service quality, and showed a shift in the figures, with annual volume of residential water falling by 3 per cent between 2014 and 2015. This figure now stands at 179  kilolitres per property, which is surprising given that Australia is currently experiencing dryer than normal conditions.

Reduced surface water

By measuring median annual volume, the BOM is able to to build a comprehensive picture of Australia's water resources, which is then used to develop better policy and planning.

Dr Ian Prosser, BOM's assistant director of Water Information Services spoke in the press release of a need to expand on the range of water supply options.

"This increase reflects the reduced availability of surface water and the need to diversify supply sources in the face of growing demand," he stated.

Australia looks to recycled water 

The most recent 'Integrating groundwater and surface water management in Australia' report from the Australian government National Water Commission stated that Melbourne Water along with other nation-wide organisations, were working to reduce salinity of the recycled water, which at current levels needs to be mixed with water from the Werribee River.

The report looks into the various water resource pressures that can effect the 18.7 million Australians who use water utilities and the performance of 81 urban water utilities, 

This is inline with the more recent BOM report that found a 13 per cent increase in the supply of recycle water by medium and large utilities – a promising sign for all involved.

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by David Francis

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