BOM offers its latest climate forecast

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The nation's foremost climate researchers have once more come forth with their forecasts for the coming months, and in certain parts of the country those with polyethylene water tanks may soon see their reserves start to replenish.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), South Australia in particular should expect heavier-than-average precipitation across the entire April-June quarter. The opposite may be the case for the top end of the nation, however, with northern parts of Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory expected to fall back into a dry spell.

Some of the most welcome news across the entire country come for agricultural producers in WA's Wheatbelt region, where the expected increase in rainfall throughout May should serve the 2016 growing season well.

Capitalising on a promising start

After a couple of less than spectacular years, growers in the Wheatbelt are quietly confident that this could be a bumper season, following heavy falls in January and March. Bill Cowan, farmer from Narambeen, told WeatherZone that he's hoping for a repeat of the strong returns from three years ago, despite the damage that comes with torrential downpours.

"One hopes that we might end up with another 2013. We've had fences knocked out but that is nothing in comparison to being able to have this moisture in the bank," he said.

These promising instances of rain leading into the planting season may even see some growers taking a risk and starting their planting a little earlier this year. For those individuals, the BOM's latest forecasts may be the extra encouragement they need to get things underway now.

As Mr Cowan notes, for many there are few thing as important as having moisture in the bank. Take heed of that advice, and upgrade your water storage solutions in time for the coming rains. 

By David Francis

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