Underground Water Tanks


Underground Water Tank

The main difference between above ground and underground water tanks is the physical presence. For those who want the most aesthetically pleasing and space-saving option, it’s hard to look beyond an underground tank. Underground water tanks can be placed underneath your house if you want to save on space and usually have a greater catchment potential than above ground tanks. Having a visible tank may not suit your backyard and not everyone has the space to hold one.

An underground water tank is therefore the solution for those who want the convenience of their own water supply and extra space whilst being completely hidden from view. Not only does this eliminate the visual presence of a water tank in your living space, it also saves a substantial amount of land which is a crucial consideration for homes where space is limited.

The other added benefit is that the storage water is kept at a much cooler temperature. Especially under the tough sun in Australia, an underground tank remains out of sight from the intense UV rays and heat. This combined with the lack of light means that algae growth is eliminated, which in turn, prolongs the purity of water and lifetime value of the underground tank.

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