Slimline Water Tank

A slimline water tank is an ideal option for those households who want minimal visual impact on their property. Most households that purchase rainwater tanks often consider the storage capacity it can provide as well as the visual impact it will have on their home. Slimline water tanks are great for people living in flats or small blocks where space is limited.

To achieve the best of both worlds, families often choose a slimline water tank due to the lack of available space on their properties. With their slim profile, durability and low weight, these tanks are a great choice for smaller houses. They can be set up closely along the side of a house to save as much space as possible, and come in a variety of shapes to match your preferences.

It is important to consider the process of site preparation prior to installing a slimline water tank. Correct preparation is essential to ensure a long and trouble free life of water storage. There are three options available for the slimline water tank site preparation that residents should consider, these are: concrete slab installation, paver installation and timber stand installation.

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