Australia Climate Outlook for September

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The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has released their spring climate outlook, and it looks like most of the country is in for a warm and rainy season. So break out the wellies, make sure your water tank is set up for collection, and get ready for warm temperatures: spring is here!

Above Average Rainfall

This spring, the Bureau of Meteorology predicts higher than average rainfall. In September, much of that rain will be localized around northwest WA and southern NSW. So if you’re around Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, or the Kimberly Plateau, prepare for plenty of rain this month. Southern WA, on the other hand, is likely to be drier than normal for September.

Warm Temperatures

This spring is also forecasted to bring temperatures that are above average. For September, eastern Queensland and New South Wales will remain about average, while everywhere else will see higher than normal temperatures.  Northern WA and NT along the coast, in particular, will be above average.

The Indian Ocean Dipole

The Indian Ocean Dipole is currently in a negative pattern, but that’s expected to weaken this spring. This means moving closer La Niña thresholds, which can produce La Niña-like effects around much of Australia. This will be most evident in increased rainfall, particularly in Northern Australia.

Preparing for Heavy Rainfall

As we head into spring, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself for all of the rain we’re likely to get. Now is a good time to clean out your gutters and check for any roof damage. The last thing you want is leaks during a heavy rainstorm. Keep an eye out for any severe storms or flood warnings, and make sure you and your family have an emergency plan just in case. You can always check the Bureau of Meteorology’s website for the latest warnings. On the positive side, get ready to enjoy some warmer weather! And if you have a water tank, you’ll be able to collect plenty of rain water for future use, particularly when dry spells come around. If you don’t currently have a water tank but have been thinking of getting one, you can visit the Alkatuff website to find information on how to choose a durable tank and to find a supplier near you. Now is a good time to purchase a tank so that you can have it set up and ready for collecting before all of the spring rain sets in.

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