Above average temperatures keep on coming

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The most recent Bureau of Metrology climate and water outlook for May to July 2016 predicts upcoming above average rainfall, yet at present it's blue skies throughout many parts of Australia.

Warm enough to swim 

Local media have reported that many throughout Sydney have been flocking to beaches and parks to enjoy the abnormally balmy conditions. Normally, Sydney has an average temperature of 19.5 degrees around this time of the year, but currently the temperature is sitting at around 24 degrees.

BOM's senior forecaster Philip Landvogt said in a recent video report that the Indian Ocean is still at record warm levels, yet the odds now favour above average rainfall for the coming months.

"This wet season has also been one of the hottest on record with many areas being far dryer than normal," said Landvogt.

As well as being one of the hottest wet seasons on record, it has also been a very weak cyclone season.

The current daily extremes for the May 17 have been some of the warmest on record for this time in other years, with Western Australia and the Northern Territory both hitting 37 degrees.

Winter awhile off yet

It seems as though winter may be a while off yet, as even the BOM predicts rainfall will be above average in the upcoming months. The next week for Sydney, in particular, has a chance of showers late on Monday 23.

Make rain while the sun shines

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By David Francis

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