Above average rainfall expected for northern Victoria this winter

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According to The Bureau of Metrology (BOM), northern Victoria is due above-average rainfall this coming winter. Climatologist Jonathan Pollock spoke to ABC about the prospect of La Nina developing later in 2016.

"We're starting to see that a La Nina might develop later in the year, and that's what's helping to drive that above-average rainfall pattern for northern parts of the state," said Pollock.

El Nino relaxes while La Nina picks up

The BOM report shows a steadily relaxing El Nino combined with warmer sea surface temperature and Indian Ocean temperature. Normally, May to July is moderate in temperature throughout eastern Australia and WA, with lower temperatures around the central south, and warming up in and around the north, with lower rainfall across this region. Instead, this year's May to July rainfall is predicted to be above-average across most of mainland Australia. 

The outlook is murky 

The current outlook reflects a combination of a rapidly weakening El Nino, very warm Indian Ocean temperatures and warm sea surface temperatures around much of the Australian coast. Mr Pollock said that the wet weather is more likely for June and July, with May to July resulting in warmer, clearer skies.

"The outlook is suggesting we're going to have above-average high pressure system or above-average pressure and generally that would sort of coincide with fine weather," said Pollock.

Rainwater collection

Owners of water tanks where there is normally a water shortage, should be excited to hear the news of increased rainfall, which will top up their supplies before the dry summer months. 

Australia has highly changeable weather conditions and not all water tanks can stand up to these turbulent conditions. Poly rainwater tanks are a cost effective way to store rainwater and Alkatuff is an Australian made polyethylene that is specifically engineered for the production of plastic rainwater tanks for challenging conditions.

For more information on how rainwater tanks can help you in 2016, get in touch with Alkatuff today.

by Gerald Beckton

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