What is Alkatuff polyethylene?

Water tanks. There’s no doubt that poly water tanks are this country’s first choice for water storage. They’re light, clean, proven and ideally suited to withstand our harsh and unrelenting environment for the long term.

Plastic or “poly” water tanks are made from polyethylene, a safe, tough and recyclable plastic that is also to package food and beverages such as milk.

Alkatuff is an Australian made polyethylene that is specifically engineered for the production of plastic water tanks for challenging conditions. Alkatuff is made with a hexene (C6) comonomer, giving superior impact strength, stress crack resistance and long-term toughness than tanks made with a standard butene (C4) resin.


Where is Alkatuff polyethylene for water tanks made?

Alkatuff polyethylene is Australian made and designed specifically for Australian consumers. It is one of a kind in this respect, being the only Australian made polyethylene engineered for use in water tanks.

While a number of polyethylene resins utilised in Australia are manufactured abroad, in Asia or the Middle East, Alkatuff polyethylene is produced in Botany, New South Wales, by Alkatuff’s parent company Qenos – the leading national manufacturer of world class polyethylene.

Qenos supplies polyethylene resin to a variety of industries, including the food and beverage, waste management, and mining and agriculture sectors. With a long and proud Australian history, and a more than 700 locally employed staff, Qenos is a brand you can trust. As such, Alkatuff is a name you can trust as well.

When you are shopping for a water tank that is perfect for your needs, make sure it is produced from locally made Alkatuff poly resin. Ask your supplier for Alkatuff by name, in order to ensure you are purchasing a product that offers superior UV and stress crack resistance, and that is built to be tough in the sun.

For more information on Alkatuff polyethylene, plastic water tanks, or where you can find a poly water storage solution in your state, contact Alkatuff today by clicking the link at the top of the page.


How is Alkatuff polyethylene used for water storage?

Although you may not have heard of polyethylene before, this remarkable polymer is actually the most popular and common plastic in the world. Polyethylene is used in a wide range of packaging applications such as the frozen food and milk you might find in your fridge and in a range of commercial and industrial applications like underground pipelines and cabling.

Alkatuff polyethylene is a safe, tough and recyclable plastic that has been designed for use in the production of plastic water tanks, and engineered specifically for use in Australia.

Australian water tank manufacturers have been utilising Alkatuff polyethylene for more than 20 years. During that time, Alkatuff is proud to have revolutionised the water tank market in a variety of ways, helping provide countless Australians with a tank that is built tough and built to last.

Using a technique called rotational moulding, water storage solution manufacturers can form polyethylene into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a large round tank, smaller slimline tanks, underground or under deck tanks, or even a kayak or cubby house, Alkatuff polyethylene is the right material for the job.


Who makes Alkatuff?

Alkatuff is a Linear Low Density Polyethylene resin specially made for the manufacture of poly water tanks. Alkatuff is manufactured by Qenos, Australia’s sole manufacturer and leading supplier of world class polyethylene and polymers. Qenos supplies Alkatuff resin to compound grinders who add colour to the resin and grind it into powder form suitable for the rotational moulding process. Qenos is not a manufacturer of tanks.

The quality of a rotationally-moulded polyethylene article is highly dependent on the characteristics of the powder particles in regard to their size, shape and size-distribution, in addition to the properties of the polymer grade being used. Alkatuff LLDPE base polymers and compounds are ground in high speed grinding mills to the requirements of the rotational moulding industry. All grades of powder are produced to a manufacturing specification which clearly defines the particle size, the amount of fines present, and the bulk density.

In the rotational moulding process (often called rotomoulding), polyethylene powder is heated in a mould of the shape required to form a hollow moulded article. While the mould and powder are being heated, the mould is rotated simultaneously about two perpendicular axes to distribute the powder evenly over its internal surfaces and to cast a uniform coating of the molten polymer. After cooling the mould, the moulding is removed and the cycle repeated. There are four basic stages to this process, viz. mould charging, mould heating, mould cooling, and de-moulding. However, it is the heating and cooling steps which mainly affect the quality of the production.


Is Alkatuff the only Australian made poly for water tanks?

If your tank is not made from Alkatuff, then it’s not Australian made and is likely made from a resin manufactured in Asia or the Middle East and not specifically designed for Australian conditions.


Qenos is Australia’s sole manufacturer and leading supplier of world class polyethylene and polymers. In 2008, Qenos became a subsidiary of China National Bluestar (Group) Co. Ltd, a joint venture between China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina) and The Blackstone Group, a leading global alternative asset manager and provider of financial advisory services listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Alkafuff is manufactured by Qenos in Botany NSW.

The Qenos Botany site covers 37 hectares in a major chemical and plastics manufacturing area located next to Botany Bay shipping terminal. The three major facilities at Botany – Olefines, Alkathene and Alkatuff – produce ethylene, low-density polyethylene (LDPE), linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The polyethylene produced is used across a range of industries and applications including consumer and industrial packaging, water conservation, waste management and agriculture.

Qenos adds value to Australia’s rich oil and gas reserves creating innovative products that promote sustainability across Australian industries. Every day in our homes, factories and farms, Australians rely on products made from the polymers and chemicals produced by Qenos. From juice and milk bottles, to mobile garbage bins, water tanks and pipes, to packaging of cleaning products and food. Qenos polymers are everywhere.

Qenos facilities in Melbourne and Sydney draw on technical expertise and productive relationships developed over more than 50 years to deliver solutions for a growing global market. Each year, Qenos contributes more than $1 billion to the Australian economy.

Qenos is proud to be an integral part of Australia’s plastics industry, a major contributor to this nation’s economy, a progressive employer and a safe and responsible member of our local communities.


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