A third of Aussie homes have a rainwater tank

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It's clear that the mains tap is the most common source of water among Australian households – but it's not as high as you may think. Only 93 per cent of Australian homes are connected to their town or region's water supply, according to the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) findings.

When we consider that there are more than 9 million households nationwide, that equates to around 630,000 residential properties living "off the grid". It's a rather high number, and perhaps not a surprising one considering the amount of rural properties scattered throughout regional Australia.

Meanwhile, 32 per cent of homes (around 2.9 million of them) have a rainwater tank of some variety, with the ability to harvest, store and utilise naturally sourced water. It's an increase from 2007 figures, when 24 per cent had a tank installed, showing how popular the option is becoming, particularly in Australia's warming climate.

In some cases, a polyethylene water tank can completely remove the need for mains water, should an effective water-storage plan be put in place. Similarly, 26 per cent of homes said rain tanks were their main supplementary source of water.

South Australian homes were the most switched on in the ABS's research, with 57 per cent of households featuring a rainwater tank on their properties. Queensland was not far behind with 42 per cent.

Meanwhile, the number of people who bought their first water tank soared over the three years to 2010. Australian Capital Territory households more than doubled their numbers, as water tank ownership levels grew from 8 to 18 per cent. 

If you, like the nearly three million Australians who have gone before you, are looking to buy a new poly water tank, contact your local supplier – and remember to ask for one made from Alkatuff to ensure it's ready for your local conditions.

By Gerald Beckton

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