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Action Tanks Noosa

Phone : 1300 22 84 66

Address : 25 Production Street, Noosaville QLD 4566

Types :
Round Water Tanks, Slimline Water Tanks

Sizes :
3,000 Litres – 46,820 Litres

Description :

Action Tanks Noosa

Sometimes, you need a small water tank - something that fits nicely into a small corner of your property or sits snug on or under your decking. These products can give you enough water to keep your plants hydrated in the dry seasons or ensure your lawn looks fresh whatever the weather.

At other times, you need serious amounts of water if you're going to reduce your water bill. Real value can be found by using collected rainwater in more than just basic ways.

A family can collect enough water to wash the car or even run a variety of appliances throughout the house - toilets, sinks and washing machines, for example. Meanwhile, businesses can use collected rainwater for large agricultural jobs, cleaning properties with large floor areas or to keep machinery ticking over.

If your needs sit in the latter category - if you have high water usage and would like this to drop significantly - the professionals at Action Tanks Noosa could be just the people to ask.

As the name may suggest, the company is based in Noosaville, Queensland, where they manufacture and distribute a wide range of polyethylene water tanks that sit on the larger side of life.

That's not to say Action Tanks Noosa don't provide products for all situations; the 3,000-litre rainwater tank engineered by the company is an ideal solution for storing enough water for your everyday tasks.

Meanwhile, if you need vast reserves of water, the largest tanks made by these experts weighs in at an incredible 46,820 litres, meaning it is likely to capture and secure enough water to be functional in even the heavy-use applications you may have in mind.

With an extensive catalogue - including water tanks of various size, shapes and colours - asking a professional to find the right tank for your property is a smart thing to do. This is particularly true for those based on the east coast.

If you're looking to buy a water tank in Noosaville, you'll know that the coast is famously battered by strong winds and heavy rainfall. Combine this with the excessive summer heats and the material your tank is made from will need to be at a particularly high specification.

The team at Action Tanks Noosa includes local specialists working on in-house research, development and engineering to specifically meet the challenges of the area.

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