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Water Tank Size

One of the most important things you have to decide on before buying a polyethylene water tank is size. Water tanks come in a huge range of capacities – from as small as 200 litres to those that can hold 46,000 litres or more.

Your final decision depends on a number of factors, such as your usage requirements and the properties of the environment you wish to install it in. To narrow down your options, consider these four simple questions:

  • How much area do I have available for the water tank?

The size of the water tank you can get will obviously be limited by how much free space you have on your property. If you don’t have a lot of land to work with, consider a slimline tank or other space-saving options such as underground or under deck tanks.

  • What is my catchment area?

The catchment area of your property is defined by the size of your roof – the larger the roof, the more rainwater you can harvest. Each millimetre of rain that falls on one squared metre of your roof will deliver one litre of water to your tank. Properties with larger roofs can therefore opt for bigger tanks.

  • What is the rainfall for my area?

It’s important you have a good understanding of the rainfall patterns in your local region, as this also has an impact on optimal tank size. If your area receives fairly consistent rain throughout the year, a smaller tank may be sufficient as there is no need to hoard water for long periods of time.

  • How much water will be used?

Are you a low or heavy user of water? Factors such as how many people live at your property and how many rooms and appliances the tank will be connected to can help you make an informed decision on size.

Go through these questions with your local poly water tank supplier so you know exactly which size to get. It’s important to note that the sizes available may also differ depending on the type of water tank you wish to get. For example, slimline tanks are much more compact and designed for domestic use, while the mass capacities offered by round water tanks make them suitable for industrial and commercial applications as well.

Finding your nearest poly water tank supplier is just a click away, and they can assist you with all your tank size enquiries. Make sure you ask for a tank made from Alkatuff, the locally manufactured polyethylene that is built to last in Australian conditions.