The Bureau of Meteorology has just released their climate outlook for February through April, meaning we have a few hints about what the general weather trends over the next few months should be.

Dry and warm in eastern and central Australia

For most of central and eastern Australia, the next few months should be drier than usual, with a very low chance of exceeding the region’s average rainfall. In addition, temperatures are expected to be warmer than average through the majority of eastern Australia. This is due in part to high pressure coming from the south.

 Wet, cooler weather in northwest Australia

Climate trends in northwest Australia are predicted to go through opposite trends. Particularly in northern WA and northern NT, residents should expect above average rainfall during the month of February. In March and April, rainfall levels should return to approximately average. Cooler than average temperatures should accompany this rainfall, driven in by tropical weather beginning in early February.

 Water tanks recommended in eastern and central Australia

If you are a resident of eastern or central Australia, having a water tank (or tanks) with a sufficiently large capacity is particularly important as we approach a warm and dry season. Having a water tank enables you to collect water when it does rain, providing a fresh water source during dry spells. Water tanks are particularly important for those living in rural areas.

 Finding a high-quality water tank

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