• Pellet size and shape analysis
  • Atlas Ci5000 Weatherometer
  • Alkatuff production facility Botany NSW
  • Environmental stress crack resistance
  • Impact testing

Poly water tanks made from Alkatuff

Water tanks. There’s no doubt that poly water tanks are this country’s first choice for water storage. They’re light, clean, proven and ideally suited to withstand our harsh and unrelenting environment for the long term.

Plastic or “poly” water tanks are made from polyethylene, a safe, tough and recyclable plastic that is also to package food and beverages such as milk.

Alkatuff is an Australian made polyethylene that is specifically engineered for the production of plastic water tanks for challenging conditions. Alkatuff is made with a hexene (C6) comonomer, giving superior impact strength, stress crack resistance and long-term toughness than tanks made with a standard butene (C4) resin.

Alkatuff has more than twice the UV protection specified in the Australian and New Zealand Standard for polyethylene tanks. The Australian and New Zealand Standard for water tanks requires that the material has a UV8 rating while Alkatuff has a rating greater than UV20.

Alkatuff has high thermal stability and is less prone to oxidation, discolouration and loss of toughness making it ideal for use in rotational molded tanks produced for the demands the harshest environment. Make sure your next tank is made from Alkatuff so you can be sure it’s Tough in the Sun.

Features Benefits
C6 Toughness and Resilience Water tanks made with Alkatuff C6 have high impact strength and superior stress crack resistance needed to maintain tank integrity and maximise lifespan in difficult conditions.  C6 PE has higher stress crack resistance than C4 PE.
Tough in the Sun, high UV performance UV resistance added at more than twice the Australian and New Zealand standard.  Australia’s conditions are unique and require UV addition specific to local requirements.  Alkatuff UV20 ensures water tanks stay tough in the sun.
High Quality Alkatuff quality systems comply with ISO9001 and include full batch traceability ensuring the highest quality and consistency in performance.
Proven Performance Alkatuff has been performing in water tanks in Australia for over 20 years.
Technical Support Local technical service expertise backs up the Alkatuff product and provides data for tank designers to improve performance.  For example, Alkatuff PE has been tested to 40degC for creep resistance, a critical performance parameter for long term water storage.
Alkatuff exceeds the ESCR standard The Australian and New Zealand tank standard ASNZS4766 requires the PE to have an environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR) above 500hrs. The ESCR performance of Alkatuff LL711UV is over 1000hrs. This is a measure of resistance to slow crack growth and increases the life of your water tank.